EGO Power+ Chainsaws
EGO Power+ Chainsaws

EGO Power+ Chainsaws

The EGO Power+ chainsaw is built to tackle even the hardest jobs. Trunks, logs, branches, nothing gets in its way.

All EGO Power+ products come with a domestic user 5 year warranty on tools and 3 year warranty on batteries.

EGO Power+ Chainsaws

It cuts, cuts and cuts some more. Watch our video to find out how the EGO Power+ chainsaws are built tough to tackle even the hardest jobs.

  • EGO Chainsaw ease of use

    Great saw, so easy to have no engine to start. Cuts very well and the low weight makes it easy to use and great I can use the same batteries as my lawnmower. I also like the fact I don't have to keep any petrol and 2 stroke oil about, so it will always be ready to go. I am impressed by the power cutting upto about 11 inch logs so far in oak and softwood without any issues.

  • Well Pleased

    I am very pleased with my chain saw. So much easier than using petrol. The battery lasts long enough to finish a job. Recharging is soon done ready to start again. Perfect for my needs.

    Old Play
  • Impressive power & ability

    Pleased with the size I bought and it’s performance. Power vs battery use is seriously impressive. I am sole trader- clients amazed at its quiet noise- didn’t even know I’d started!

    Growing Garden
  • A marvelous addition to my tool kit

    My old petrol chainsaw needed a major overhaul when the dealer suggested a battery model. Now I wish I had changed years ago as life suddenly became much easier.

  • EGO battery operated chainsaw - excellent

    I bought this as I was tired of pull cord and carburettor problems with my petrol chainsaw. I have now used the Ego battery operated saw twice and am very happy that I made the purchase. Obviously it starts instantly, and the cutting performance for me (logs up to approx 10 inch diameter) has been excellent. On this early evidence I can recommend the Ego battery chainsaw unreservedly.

  • Top of the range battery powered chainsaw

    My first purchase of EGO Product. I'd considered buying a petrol powered chainsaw but no! Depending on usage etc, i decided to go for a battery powered version instead. No fuel or 2 stroke oil mixing involved. Saves time and maintenance. Brilliant product!!

    Ffenestri Sgwar

  1. Tool-Free Chain Tensioning

    For simple set up and adjustment

  2. Auto-lubrication System

    Keeps chain moving freely at all times

  3. Chain Kickback and Electric Brake

    Keeps you safe and in control

  4. High-Efficiency Brushless Motor

    Delivers more power and greater run time

  5. Oil Inspection Window

    Check chain oil levels easily

  6. Durable Bar and Chain

    For superior performance cut after cut

  • Tool-free chain tensioning

    Makes adjustment simple.

  • Leading levels of safety

    Chain kickback and electric brake protect you while you work.

  • Auto-lubrication

    Keeps the chain moving freely at all times. It has a handy oil inspection window too.