How to maintain your hedge trimmer blade

Simple maintenance of your battery operated hedge trimmer will lengthen its life, keep it easy and safe to use, and you’ll continue to achieve great results.

How to maintain your hedge trimmer blade

All our models of battery powered hedge trimmers have their particular characteristics, but the basics of maintaining them are the same for all.

Whether you pack a 61cm hedge trimmer (suitable for smaller domestic tasks) or its 75CM Professional-X counterpart, here’s an overview of the simple maintenance tasks that will keep your cordless garden tool in tip-top shape.

3 maintenance tasks you can do at home

Safety first

  • To avoid serious personal injury, always remove the battery pack when cleaning or performing any maintenance. The battery is accessible and can be removed and replaced instantly.
  • Never touch blades or service the unit with a battery pack installed.
  • When handling the blade assembly, wear non-slip, heavy-duty protective gloves. Don’t place your hand or fingers between blades or in any position where they could get pinched or cut.
  • If any parts need replacing, we recommend a qualified service engineer at your local dealer.

1. Cleaning your hedge trimmer blade


  • Soft brush
  • Resin solvent
  • Dry cloths


  • Never use water to clean your trimmer.
  • Avoid using solvents on plastic parts as it will damage them.


  1. Remove the battery.
  2. Use clean clothes to wipe dirt, dust, oil and grease from the blade.
  3. Use a soft brush to remove debris from all air intakes and cutting blade.
  4. To remove pitch and other sticky residue, spray the blades with resin solvent.
  5. Replace the battery and run the motor briefly so that the solvent is evenly distributed.
  6. Remove the battery again and give the surface of the blade a final wipe with a dry cloth.

2. Sharpening your hedge trimmer blade


  • Clamp or vice on workbench
  • File or grinder (check your manual for file suitability)


  • Sharpen regularly. Don’t operate with dull or damaged cutting blades and this will cause your hedge trimmer to overload and will give unsatisfactory cutting results.
  • A diamond file, rather than a normal metal file, might be required to sharpen certain hedge trimmer blades. Always check your manual.
  • When using a low-speed grinder to sharpen the cutting blade, water the blade teeth continuously during operation.


  1. Start and stop your hedge trimmer to slightly offset the cutter blade and the guard. This allows clearance for the file between cutter teeth and guard teeth.
  2. Remove the battery pack from your hedge trimmer.
  3. Clamp the blade assembly into your vice. File the exposed cutting surface of each blade tooth. Remove as little material as possible and be sure to retain the original angle of each tooth when filing or grinding.
  4. Remove the hedge trimmer from the clamp and adjust the unsharpened blade on the other side. This might require you to temporarily replace the battery to offset the teeth.
  5. Ensure you remove the battery before continuing.
  6. Repeat the above procedures until all the blade teeth are sharpened.

3. Lubricating your hedge trimmer


  • A suitable lightweight oil


  • For best operation and longer blade life, lubricate the hedge trimmer blade with a lightweight machine oil before and after each use.
  • Do not lubricate while the hedge trimmer is still connected with the battery or running.
  • Some models require harder-working lubricant. Please check your manual for specifics.

Lubricating the blade

  1. Remove the battery pack and lay the trimmer onto a flat surface.
  2. Apply the oil along the edge of the top blade.
  3. Remove the battery pack and lay the trimmer onto a flat surface. Apply the oil along the edge of the top blade.

Lubricating the gear case (if applicable)

For best operation and longer lifetime, lubricate the hedge trimmer gear case with a special grease after every 50 hours of operation. Check your manual for details.

  1. Remove the battery plug and the two sealing screws.
  2. Lubricating the gear case through the oil-hole. Don‘t fully fill the gear case with grease.

Regular maintenance

Looking after your EGO battery powered hedge trimmer will keep it working optimally. We’re confident your garden tool will last for years and years - check out our excellent warranties.

Don’t forget to get it serviced at your local dealer, where a qualified engineer will replace worn or damaged parts like for like.